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Award Winning.


2019 Stevie Winner:

Award for Innovation in Corporate Websites

Best Electricity - A Prime Group Company


About Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards

Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards is one of the world's most premier business awards. It is open to all organizations in the 29 nations of the Asia-Pacific region.


Some of the past Stevie Award winners include:  Acer Inc., Apple, Ford Motor Company, ING, Procter & Gamble and Samsung.

Eysy Digital is one of the Silver Stevie® Award Winner on the Award for Innovation in Corporate Websites. The accreditation can be found here.

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Our Thought Process

Mention the phrase ‘electricity industry’ and the image most people will conjure is that of an uninspiring industry that they are out of touch with.


When Best Electricity engaged us for a website revamp, we sought to create a vibrant website with rich content, imagery and navigation signposts to help users learn about the electricity market and the price plans suitable for them.


As the first touchpoint that users interact with, the site’s homepage displays the key categories of information upfront.These include a short introduction to the brand, a summary of the various price plans and their benefits, followed by the various roadshow locations and latest news. 

We also put together rich content in the form of thought leadership articles that explain various complex electricity concepts in a reader-friendly format to the general consumer.

These articles have been written in a clear and concise format which makes foreign-sounding buzzwords such as ‘regulated tariffs’ and ‘grid charge’ easily understood. The short, bite-sized paragraphs also break down complex concepts for users to read at a glance. 


Our website equips the general consumer with knowledge, helping them make a more informed decision about the price plans they would like to sign up for. 

Design and User Interface

The website is guided by 3 design principles: to create a consumer-centric experience with users in mind, ensure seamless navigation between content and create an optimum website experience across all device sizes.


The design concept is fully focused on consumer’s journey from discovery to delivery. In line with our client’s brand colours, the website interface uses a bold colour palette which creates a new and fresh cohesive web presence that consumers can easily identify with. 

The site also provides a strong visual experience with rich use of media. Where possible, appealing iconography and recognisable calls-to-action act as visual signposts, nudging users to continue their user journey.


Articles are supplemented with clear and colourful infographics that draws users’ attention to key nuggets of information. Short animated videos also help simplify complex and specific details, ensuring an engaging and immersive experience for consumers

Interactivity and User Experience

The focus of the website is the electricity price plans. One of our key priorities was to allow users to compare between the price plans and find the one that best suited them, quickly and effectively. 


To achieve that, we specially crafted an online price plan calculator that satisfies 3 key criteria: function, interactivity and mobile-responsiveness.


The price plan calculator consists of a simple-to-use interface with unique dropdown options where users can select various user considerations (such as type of housing, preferred contract duration) in different permutations and combinations, the correct price plan(s) and the associated dollar value would be specially curated for them. This calculator helps users navigate easily through what would otherwise have been cumbersome paragraphs of text, thereby reducing cognitive load.


From planning the information architecture to developing the build, user experience has always taken centre stage.


One of the main challenges was creating the price plan calculator that would be both interactive and responsive regardless of the screen size and without refreshing the page. We brainstormed and beta-tested with various presentation formats, and finally came up with a custom format bespoke for each price plan.

Our price plan calculator combines an intuitive slider format with dropdown flowcharts. As the user inputs his values, the relevant price plans and cost savings are clearly displayed immediately. 


We strongly believe that we have crafted a website that creatively combines content with strong visuals with appropriate functionality – one that sparks users’ interest in the electricity industry and helps them get the information they need with ease and comfort.

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