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Google Analytics Remarketing vs. Google Ads Remarketing

For the average beginner, these two terms might seem confusing or in the Singaporean term, "same same but different." What exactly is the difference between the two, what are their uses and which would be more suitable for your marketing needs? There are two common avenues for constructing remarketing lists. The first being Adwords and the second being Google Analytics. This article is here to help break this down for you.

The Similarities

They are similar in their implementation despite having a slightly different approach while offering different benefits. Both are ‘tag-based,’ meaning they are formed by a chunk of code placed onto your site that you can simply generate using Google Tag Manager or through Google Ads directly. This chunk of code tracks potential shoppers on your site using cookies, and then sends this data to your remarketing list host.

The Differences

AdWords automatically generates tags for advertisers when creating their remarketing campaigns while enabling additional audiences to be automatically generated based on campaign performance. However, with Analytics lists, once connected to AdWords accounts, advertisers have more control over custom audience-building, offering better optimization of their Google remarketing ads. Google Analytics remarketing is without a doubt, more advanced than AdWords remarketing and should only be used once you have gotten a firm grasp of standard remarketing tactics.

In summary, here's a compiled list of the differences and similarities between Google Ads and Google Analytics:

There are clearly various remarketing strategies that can be used to complement your work being done in digital marketing. Remarketing is one of the most effective ways to convert your potential audiences back. Eysy Digital can assist you in running Google Ads, contact us for a free consultation today!

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