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How does Google Ads's "Store Visits" Metric Work?

Digital Marketing has long been proven to be a trackable and measurable way to advertise as compared to traditional forms of marketing. However there is always a disconnection between offline and online business.

Google has been the spearhead in working solutions to tie clicks on search ads with in-store traffic and sales as part of Estimated Total Conversions in Ads. For Google Ads, this is where the “Store Visits” metric comes in to measure the Estimated Total Conversions (ETC), taking a step to connect retail and online purchase experience.

How It Works

"Store Visits" Metric works when users click on an ad on any of their devices (ie. Phone, tablet or desktop) and the estimates are based on store visits within the last 30 days of an ad click.

Google determines a store visit based on user proximity to the advertiser’s location on Google Maps. Such information will be applicable for users that have Location History activated on their Apple or Android smartphones.

Advertisers need to verify their business locations with Google and associate them with their campaigns to collect the store visit measurement.

Reporting will be provided at the campaign level unless retailers break out campaigns by region or store location if not store visit information will be estimated.

Why An Estimate?

 “This feature has been carefully designed to keep data private and secure.  We never provide anyone’s actual location to advertisers,” writes Surojit Chatterjee, Director of Product Management for Mobile Search Ads, in the announcement.

Google’s privacy policy prevents advertisers to be able to access an individual’s action and attribute it back to the advertisement campaigns. This will ensure that Google will not have trouble with privacy violations while also giving advertisers insights on consolidated user behavior for their advertisement campaigns.

Who Is Eligible?

"Store Visit" metrics require a large input of data to provide such a report. Qualifying advertisers are likely to be multi-location retailers that have advertisement campaigns with large sample size of ads impressions and store visits. To find out if your business or clients qualify, contact your Google representative.


The key reason for Google to provide "Store Visit" metrics is to prove the influence of search ads in driving offline sales and to get advertisers to increase their mobile investment in AdWords. This metric will definitely be a game changer and give practical insights for retailers across many industries (ie. Retail, hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, car dealerships, etc).

If you are interested to explore if your business is eligible to set up "Store Visit" metrics for your next Adwords campaign, drop us an email today.

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