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How is Influencer Marketing Effective?

Influencers contain the power to drive more people towards a particular product or service as consumers trust the recommendations made by their favourite influencers. Brands can use this to influence purchase decisions and drive more conversions. Influencer marketing is becoming a favourite among digital marketers and business owners and are investing a significant amount of time and resources into executing influencer marketing campaigns.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing involves collaborating with popular and relevant influencers in your area of expertise or industry to promote your brand and increas revenue.

Influencers are identified by their large number of loyal and dedicated social media followers. They are seen as experts in their niches and their recommendations are often highly regarded by their followers. What distinguishes influencers from celebrities is that influencers tend to have a strong rapport with their fan communities. They use the accessibility of social media to establish personal connections with and gain the trust of their followers. Influencers are often real-life consumers who have in-depth knowledge about certain subjects like food, fashion, travel or design. This gives them a certain leverage and empowers them to motivate their followers to take desired actions like for example to purchase from a certain brand or to deter people from participating in a certain activity.

How do I Find the Right Social Media Influencer?

Depending on your marketing objective, you can work with influencers to create engaging content, announce giveaways or host Q&A sessions. You can also invite them to take charge of your social media profiles and upload content on your behalf for a specific campaign. A successful influencer marketing campaign requires lots of planning and a deep understanding of your target audience and marketing objectives. Observing what original content the influencers create would be vital as this gives you a feel of whether their work would fit with yours.

There are 3 components that make up influence - "The 3 Rs"

  • Relevance - A relevant influencer shares content relevant to your business and industry. They need to have an audience that matches with your target market.

  • Reach - The number of people you could potentially reach through the influencer’s follower base. That's where their total follower count comes in.

  • Resonance - The potential level of engagement the influencer can create with an audience that is relevant to your brand.

More isn’t necessarily always better. A huge follower count of 50,000 does't make much impact if those followers aren’t interested in what your company or brand has to offer. Therefore, finding the right social media influencer is crucial for any campaign to achieve success.


Influencer marketing is increasingly becoming a necessity for marketers as these collaborations help to improve search engine rankings and brand awareness. It can also strengthen your brand’s reputation, improve audience engagement and increase conversions. It's a strategy used by many business owners that has proved to have worked even till today.

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