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Tips To Help Improve Your Website Conversion (Part 3)

Here are some tips to follow to improve conversion for your website:

  1. Inform customers on the real inventory stock level of the products.

  2. Use social push on your products like “87% of university students also purchased this.”

  3. Breadcrumbs on every page provide good visual cues on where the users sit in the site.

  4. Include coupon codes for the next visit on the “Thank You” page could encourage repeated purchases.

  5. Include other reach out options like a chat room for interested users to contact you immediately.

  6. Include testimonials on your product pages.

  7. Include filter options like brand, size, price, colour, etc to encourage quick search.

  8. Are you able to offer a lower-priced alternative to encourage users that just want to test out your services?

  9. Make sure testimonials include images or videos.

  10. Follow up with an email quickly after purchase to check how the product works for the users.

  11. Give number-specific testimonials. Eg. My sales increased 30% after engaging this digital marketer.

  12. Make sure there are no dead links on your site. Going to a "ERROR 404" page is not a good user experience.

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