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8 Tips to Mesmerize Your Audience Through Google Ads Marketing.

In a digital world where users are flooded with all kinds of marketing messages, it has become an increasing challenge to captivate your users’ attention quickly and effectively.

The good news is that it can be done easily, if you understand more about human psychology.

At the end of the day, we are in-tuned to judge a book by its cover subconsciously every single day.

Passing by a dirty-looking person and we assume that he is homeless, crazy or drunk. We pass by a well-groomed person and we will assume that the person’s home is equally neat and sharp-looking.

Maybe the dirty-looking person has a million in the bank but the well-groomed person has spent his last penny for a chance in the lottery. Who knows for sure?

As much as we judge others, others judge us in the same form of measurement. This is especially true for online businesses. In a quick glance, people land on your website and decide if you’re professional enough, smart enough or skilled enough. And before you know it, they are making many assumptions and decisions about you.

With this understanding, we can take this into consideration when you run the next Google Adwords Campaign. Focus on what you want visitors to think of you and what assumptions you want them to make.

Here are some tips to get you started:

Get a great first impression

Getting a good first impression is crucial. This is especially true for Display Ads where you can make full use of your graphic space, get it well designed with appealing photo and copy. Think of it as a job interview, dress up and put your best foot forward.

Show social proof

Besides focusing on what service you have to offer, doing digital marketing shouting about testimonials will be a good way to show that you have worked with other people. This gives the impression that your product has been tested and other customers are satisfied with the results, which also gives the assurance they need to consider purchasing.

Show your numbers

Besides testimonials, another method is to use statistics and numbers to back up your worth. Numbers will be a fast and objective way to measure your value so that viewers can evaluate how popular you are as compared to your competitors.

Get endorsements

If budget allows, it will be good to get someone with influence to back up your skills, services or products. Everyone knows that influential people guard their reputation well, so their endorsement will mean a lot to your prospecting customers.

Give it away

Be it Google Adwords or any other digital marketing campaigns, it will be good to be perceived as generous. Show that you have confidence in what you do by offering viewers a free consultation, a trial run or some free product samples.

Combine a good advertisement mechanic with a good Adwords campaign management team. They will work wonders in terms of overall conversion numbers.

And if you product is really as good as what you say, those initial upfront losses will reap big rewards later.

Increase your rates

It is always very tempting and easy to lower the rates to win over a customer. Although this will increase the chance of quick wins, it may get viewers to perceive that your company is of a lower quality.

Focus on increasing your rates, speaking on the value users will be getting and monitor your results.

Limited Access

Create a sense of urgency.


  • limited slots to sign up for the next course

  • time-sensitive one-time bundled product promotion

  • special, pretty packaging just for a promotional period

Bundle up your items

Besides limiting the access to your products or service, it will be good to also consider if you can bundle up your items to increase the perceived value. Everyone loves a little free stuff along the way.


No matter what you are trying to sell through Google Adwords or digital marketing, you have to back it up.

The secret of building a successful business is not to trick people to buy the things that they do not need. It is about getting people to buy stuff that they do need and realize they enjoy it and in turn, will promote it for you.

If your Google Adwords campaign is managed by a third party agency, they will need your support by giving them quality products and good promotional mechanics. Once the conversions start coming in, let it be your company's mission to deliver a quality experience, that they will make an effort to do word-of-mouth promotion for you and come back to you again for repeat purchases.

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