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Bounce Rate Comparison Across Industry

For many Google Analytics users, the term “Bounce Rate” is definitely a familiar term you will come across frequently. But do you know what your industry’s average bounce rate is or even what factors affect your bounce rate?

Google’s definition of Bounce Rate

It is the percentage of single-page visits (ie. Visits in which the person left your site from the entrance page). Bounce Rate is the measure of visit quality and a high Bounce Rate generally indicates that the site entrance (landing) pages are not relevant to your visitors.

Common Actions That Triggers A Bounce Rate

  • Click on a page to a different website

  • Click “Back” button to leave the site

  • Close an open window or tab site

  • Type a new URL

  • Session timeout without any interaction

Bounce Rate By Industry

Overall average

Average time on site: 190.4 seconds

Average pageviews: 4.6

Bounce Rate: 40.5%

New visits: 62.9%

Retail Sites

Bounce Rates: 20-40%

Simple landing pages with one Call-To-Action

Bounce Rates: 70-90%

Self-Service sites

Bounce Rates: 10-30%

Content websites with irrelevant terms

Bounce Rates: 40-60%

Lead generation sites

Bounce Rate: 30-50%

Factors that Affect Bounce Rate

  • Purpose of the page

  • Landing page design

  • Ads and landing page messages

  • Seach engine ranking of page on irrelevant keywords

  • Pop-up ads, surveys, music or streaming videos

  • Links to external sites

  • Type of audience

  • Email and newsletters

  • Landing page loading time

Tips to Improve Bounce Rate

  • Place search function prominently

  • Maintain top rankings for branded terms

  • Get rid of pop-up ads

  • Build a clear navigation path / user journey

  • Reduce external links or have them open in a new window

  • Provide relevant content

  • Speed up pageloading time

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