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Tips To Help Improve Your Website Conversion (Part 1)

Here are some tips to follow to improve conversion for your website:

  1. A/B test your landing pages and see which version converts better. Platforms like Google Optimize provides free A/B testing tools for you to try out and there is no need to invest top dollars on CMS that allows you the same functionalities.

  2. Test different promotional messages. Eg. Free gift, free shipping, free consultancy, etc

  3. Consider allowing users to do guest checkout as this will encourage them to complete the order.

  4. Experiment your landing page on other elements like colours, item placements, product images, product sizes and form styles.

  5. Consider implementing Live Chat for your website during normal business hours.

  6. Observe if there is a change in shopping behavior during holiday seasons. Understanding this will help you to decide if you want to adjust your marketing offer to push for more conversion.

  7. Create website personas for your target audience – dive deep into understanding what they need, visualize their checkout process and check if your current user journey is conducive for such personas.

  8. Remove links that are irrelevant to your business.

  9. Test your Call-To-Action messages and see which converts better. Eg. Order Now, Buy Now, Checkout, Visit Here, Click Here, etc

  10. Test different kind of guarantees. Eg. Money back guarantee – 30, 60 or 90 days?

  11. Is your “Above-The-Fold” showing the most important information on your site?

  12. Use “You/Your” instead of “I."

  13. Combine using active language like “Buy”, “Register”, “Subscribe” with scarcity like “Limited Time”, “Before 31st December” to create urgency.

  14. Effective usage of white space will encourage eyes to focus on the Call- To-Action.

  15. Track your key user journey and understand what happens after the user responds to your Call-To-Action.

  16. Are your visitors able to get what they want within 3 clicks or less?

  17. Spread your testimonials across the whole site.

  18. Address your customer’s complaints with grace and style.

  19. Include progress indicators for multi-step processes (eg. Cart, form, etc) to provide visual cues to users.

  20. Include tracking numbers and inform users on the approximate delivery time.

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