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Tips To Help Improve Your Website Conversion (Part 2)

Here are some tips to follow to improve conversion for your website:

  1. Consider to provide incentives for users who have completed the form. Eg. Freebies, discount coupon, etc

  2. Allow visitors to zoom in to the image so as to view the detailed elements as well as various angles of the products. These will help users to gain clarity on the actual product that they are considering.

  3. Make sure all pricing elements are spelled out clearly in an easy-to-understand manner. Consumers do not like hidden charges.

  4. Ensure to only include line items you really need in your forms. Users will not be interested to key in their phone number to subscribe to a newsletter.

  5. Call-To-Action buttons should be visually striking to the grab user’s attention.

  6. Break long paragraphs into small sections to help users to read content quickly.

  7. Get someone neutral to proofread your content. Usually a user with no attachment to the content can provide you good improvement suggestions.

  8. Use real photos as much as you can. Users know that stock images of multi-ethnic models that have smiles fit for toothpaste commercials are not your real staff.

  9. Make sure your forms give clear instructions on what needs to be filled up and provide sufficient explanation on the errors. Eg. Explain that the form only “accept phone number of 8 digits” and not just showing “error code: 18080"

  10. Content like FAQ should be product specific so that users are able to read past enquiries and complaints about the product that they are considering.

  11. Direct paid ads traffic to search specific landing pages instead of the homepage. Higher relevancy of landing page could encourage better conversion.

  12. Ensure it allows users to share the page on their social network easily.

  13. Having a explainer video will be a good way to introduce your product as well as providing a demonstration on how to use it.

  14. Answer the question on “Why should I buy from you instead of your competitor?”

  15. Consider providing users with the option to increase the font size on your website for easier readability.

  16. Shopping cart to include product thumbnail which could reduce likelihood of cart abandonment.

  17. Besides offering discounts, consider other creative approaches like purchase-with-purchase, complimentary product bundles, etc. Cross-selling is an effective way to encourage users to increase their total basket size.

  18. Use heatmap tracking platforms like CrazyEgg to understand where users click on your webpage.

  19. Make sure your “scarcity gimmick” to entice users for quick conversions are real. Eg. A 2-day promotion should not last for a whole year.

  20. Make sure the number of clicks users require for an order to go through is set to the minimum.

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