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What Kind of Content Should I Be Creating?

The content that each business creates should be customized according to the target audience’s needs and at different stages in the buyer’s journey.

To start off, it is important to fully understand the various types of target audience that your business is focusing on. For each target audience group, create a buyer persona so that you can brainstorm on the buyer’s potential thought process like challenges and goals in relation to your business. On the basic level, your business content should target to help them overcome their challenges and meet those goals.

Next, you will need to create content mapping where you will identify throughout the buyer’s journey, what kind of content users would want to consume.

Content mapping will look at information like:

  • The characteristics of your targeted persona consuming the content (refers to buyer persona)

  • How close your targeted persona is to making a purchase (i.e., their lifecycle stage).

And target content that are able to attract them.

Here are some options we would recommend you to use at each stage of the buyer’s journey:

Awareness Stage

  • Blog posts For a start, creating a blog would be a great way to build the base of your site. Creating good quality content is vital to building a strong SEO performance and organic traffic for your site. Do note that your content should be based on a keyword strategy so that you will know that your content is written based on real market needs.

  • Short videos Short videos is an effective way to capture new audiences. Attractive videos are very shareable by hosting them on free platforms like YouTube.

  • Infographics Many users are not willing to read through a long list of articles. With that, this makes well-designed infographics very attractive and shareable. Having well-shared infographics means that you may get some users sharing your graphics on social media and you can get additional awareness on your thoughts and your brand.

Consideration Stage

  • Ebooks Ebooks work great for users that require more comprehensive information than just a blog or infographics. Usually ebooks will require users to leave their contact information before receiving it, this forms a great way for a lead generation.

  • Research reports Similar with ebooks. research reports are also a good way to generate leads by providing a high value content piece.

  • Webinars Webinars will be a more interactive version of detailed content. For users that are in the consideration stage, they would like to know if you are the right partner to work with. As such, webinars will be a good way for these users to have a chance to interact with you before they decide to take the next step of committment.

Decision Stage

  • Case studies Detailed case studies will be a strong message to your target audience especially to those who are ready to make the purchase decision that you are the right vendor to work with. The targeted audience may scroll through and read about similar services that you have provided for other customers.

  • Testimonials Alternatively, testimonials will be another way to encourage decisions. For B2C brands, testimonials can be in the form of a 5-star rating system, simple image capture of the actual product that the user purchased, forming a branded hashtag where users can contribute their feedback, etc.

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